Thinking of starting your own Podcast Show? is designed to not only help you create and set up an awesome podcast, but we also help you focus on how to grow your audience and revenues at the same time.

If you're new to podcasting then our solution will make sure your show is successful!

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We know that there are key things you need for a Podcast Show because we have been podcasting for over 7 years.

Stuff like:

  • Awesome Podcast Show Page 
  • Great Show Art with strong branding
  • "Own Your RSS Feed" which is vitally important and often a big mistake otherwise. Have your own RSS Feed using your own domain. If you use many of the popular platforms they will lock you into using their domain name for your RSS feed. Basically you are renting the feed that is used to send the episodes to the various platform distribution sites such as Apple Podcasts. With our platform you "own" your RSS Feed. This is a fundamental mistake that most Podcasters make and it can be a nightmare to fix.
  • Strategic Advice and professional setup
  • The extra bits that make a massive difference
  • Upsell products straight off your Show and Episode Page
  • You can have a video on the podcast page as well giving extra value See More
  • Ability to have email subscribers and alert them automatically when a new episode comes out. Almost no-one does this and if they do they never give you the email addresses. This means you can create a community around your show and they can go into the backend of the website and see what you have to offer. Even create a membership (free or paid)
  • Sell Courses and Memberships to grow your revenues
  • Build a Community
  • Track your statistics to help grow your show
  • Get Expert advice whenever you need it
  • Guest Host System - we make it easy for you to manage guests for your show. We even have a system for them to apply to be on your show and then work through a process before the interview
  • Guest Hosts will have their own profile page eg. See Sample

Already Have a Podcast Show But Want More?

By migrating your show to, you will receive instant access to all of the next-level features not available elsewhere. Book a meeting with us so we can discuss your requirements and tailor a solution to you and your needs.

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Key Features you need!

  • Dedicated Show Page
  • Subscribers Signup and episode alerts
  • Upload and Host Episodes
  • Video Version
  • Resources Tab
  • Transcriptions Tab
  • Guest Handling Process - Apply, Extract, Educate, Book Time
  • Show Sequence, create a tab for the show itself eg. Host BIO, Scripts, Questions
  • Podcast Statistics
  • Bulk Setup of Channels on Platforms (Part of Done For You Package)
  • Podcast Donation 
  • Podcast Branding
  • Episode Images

Requires an Evolvepreneur Platform Plan

Please note this package requires a monthly plan with us. We offer 3 levels which you can read more about HERE.

We have a special entry-level plan for podcast hosts which allows you to also grow as your needs expand.

Features Do it With Us Done For You
Platform & Episode Hosting Yes Yes
Strategy Call (1 Hour) Yes Yes
Design Call (1 Hour) Yes Yes
Revenue Call (1 Hour) Yes Yes
Lifetime Access to No Yes
Podcasters Training Course Yes Yes
Edit Episodes Additional Charge Additional Charge
Artwork Banner & Episode Template No Yes
Intro & Outro Additional Charge Additional Charge
Trailer Additional Charge Additional Charge
Podcast Distribution Setup No Yes
Guest Module Yes Yes
Expert Podcasters Support
(email advice and assistance for as long as you are a plan member)
Yes Yes
Evolvepreneur "Podcasters" Plan* Additional Additional
TOTAL PRICE + US$49 per Month for Platform Hosting US$695 US$995
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How Does it Work?

Our Podcast Show packages are designed to help guide you through the entire process and then be there for you after the setup.

There are several phases:

Phase 1 - Strategic Advice

Your Success Manager will spend 60 minutes with you to make sure your ideas and concepts are strategically aligned. It's great to have an expert sounding board before you dive in.

Phase 2 - Setup & Design

The setup phase where we will design your show page and artwork and create your show pages. Your Success Manager will spend 60 minutes with you to create the best designs for your podcast.

Phase 3 - Create Your Episodes

Now it's your turn!  We have a Podcast Host Course to guide you through all the technical and art of the podcast.  You can also ask our Expert Support Team any questions along the way.  If you need your episodes edited we can also arrange for this as an additional service.

Phase 4 - Launch and Grow

By now you have created your initial episodes and ready to launch. Our expert team will help get your ready to launch the show.

Phase 5 - Revenue!

If you take the "Do For You Package", Your Success Manager will spend 60 minutes discussing the best ways to leverage the platform to earn revenues. Our goal is to find a way to go from   $0 to $5,000 a month recurring revenue using your show as the conversation starter.

First Step?

CLICK HERE to purchase one of our "Show Packages" and our system will guide you through the process. Once you have your initial call with your assigned Success Manager you will need to choose one of our Platform plans to setup the hosting package,

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