How does the Matrix Billing System Work?


Our services operate on a unique Points System that offers our clients and business partners unprecedented flexibility and control.

Every task you assign is valued in points, reflecting the skill level required and the complexity of the work. This transparent system is accessible from your task area, where you can monitor your current points balance and replenish it as needed.

Each of our team members is assigned a specific points value per hour, based on their role and expertise. This way, you can accurately gauge the workload and make informed decisions about task allocation and project management.

We also have a proactive alert system to ensure you never unexpectedly run out of points. If your balance drops below 10 points, we'll send you a reminder email. And if your balance reaches zero or dips into the negative, we'll notify you immediately so you can top it up.

One of the standout features of our Points System is its enduring flexibility. Any points you purchase are yours to keep – they never expire. If you don't use all your points within a particular month, they'll simply roll over to the next, available for you to use anytime in the future. This ensures that you can plan your projects with confidence, knowing your points are always there when you need them.

Job Role Persons Assigned Points
Basic Web and Graphic Design Service Maki, James, Mardz 1
Complex Template Designs Peter, Maki 2
Specific Development Peter 3
Project Management John, James, Andrew 2
Coaching/Consulting John 6

At our organization, we believe in the power of teamwork. When you join our family, you gain access to a diverse group of highly skilled professionals committed to helping you achieve your goals. Let's introduce the team:

Business Coach (6 points)

Your journey with us begins with our Business Coach. They're your initial point of contact, helping you explore your requirements and guiding you towards the best solution. With their extensive knowledge and creative thinking, they'll help you understand how our platform can best serve you and where to get started.

Success Coach (6 points)

Upon joining us, you'll be assigned a dedicated "Success Coach." Their primary role is to ensure that the solution recommended by the Business Coach is effectively implemented. They'll maintain regular communication with you, adjusting strategies as needed to ensure your success.

Project Manager (2 points)

Our Project Managers are the unsung heroes working behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly. They iron out any glitches and ensure that your vision is realized to the highest standard. At our Super Charged level, your Success Coach might also serve as your Project Manager.

Designers (1 point)

Where your ideas take shape! Our Designers work diligently to translate your concepts and mockups into visually stunning designs. They are the artists who bring the "magic" to your projects.

Expert Support (Complimentary)

Once your project goes live, you're not alone. Our technical team is readily available to assist with any issues or questions about the platform. Consider them your personal guides for the day-to-day operation of your project.

Developers (3 points)

Behind every great platform is a team of exceptional Developers. They work tirelessly behind the scenes, maintaining the system and continually improving its functionality. Occasionally, they'll also develop custom solutions to bring your unique ideas or requests to life.

Welcome to our family - where your success is our mission!

We then allocate points to each staff member based on their skill level. This allows you to determine the workload.

If you go below 10 points balance we send you an alert email. If your balance goes to zero or negative we will also email you.

All points are accumulated so if we don't use them in a given month they will be available for use at any time in the future  (they never expire).

Job Role Persons Assigned Points
Once Off Setup/Deployment Peter 6
Basic Web and Graphic Design Service Maki, James, Mardz 1
Complex Template Designs Peter, Maki 2
Specific Development Peter, Alex 3
Project Management John, James, Andrew 2
Coaching/Consulting John, Andrew 6



You can purchase additional points HERE

In your tasks area you have balance statement and you can also view and top up points immediately.

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