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"Our mission is to start a revolution that will help entrepreneurs establish their own complete business system that can compete with the big end of town and mainstream social media platforms."

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If you want to create a real growth-based sustainable business, our advice is to focus on building your own complete system; become independent from "Big Tech" so you can't be banned or throttled. Use them to send traffic to your own assets like a website, recurring membership, online e-commerce shop, or e-learning platform, and build your own audience.

As a marketing consultant and agency, after thousands of hours of consulting and deploying marketing systems, we believe we have married a unique platform and a fool-proof strategy blueprint for what we believe a typical online entrepreneur needs to be successful in today's highly-competitive marketplace. offers an easy and cost-effective way to build your online business by helping you avoid the pain and stress of implementing multiple systems, giving you the freedom to automate and scale.

We have found there are key signals that contribute to a successful platform deployment.

Our platform is designed for "content" and/ or "products/services", the focus is often to create recurring revenues and automate the way they service their customers.

The key areas of our platform include Podcasts, Blogs, Courses, Subscribers, Memberships, and Courses. On top of that, our platform owners often want multiple websites to showcase key areas of their business.

So, if you like creating content and products and need an easy way to manage all of this, we are your ideal platform.

You can start small with a simple site. Maybe launch a podcast. Or go all in and create a complete system for your business.

Go as fast or as slow as you want.

In our experience, most of our platform owners are not techno nerds. They have a message to share with the world and want to create content and products that serve their customers. They don't want to worry about technical stuff. This approach helps them achieve the best results.

Our approach is to help our platform owners get the best outcomes.

Our platform is designed to manage and grow your investment in their own platform. You must be prepared to invest in the platform and provide funding for projects. Coaching, design and implementation - this is part of what is offered when you purchase services from us in the form of points.

Our focus is on helping you build a complete business system, not just a website, to help you focus on the areas of your business that matter most. This means you are not alone and have access to a professional team to help you in all aspects of the launch of your website.

In the long run, we have much lower implementation and deployment costs than most other systems out there.

The hosting of the website and the platform itself are hosted on a special part of our server.

There are essentially 2 components to our solution:

Site Hosting

this is the platform itself hosted on a dedicated piece of our servers.

Coaching, Design and Implementation

as part of the offer, you can purchase services from us in the form of points. This system is designed to help to control and manage your investment in your platform.


Evolvepreneur's management and tech, design and development staff bring over 100 years of experience in business and technology. More than 40 platforms have already been deployed.


Every platform owner's site is a separate installation on our dedicated servers which are located in Australia and the United States. We plan to expand to local access points in other countries as we grow. This means each platform is not affected by any external systems and enables 100% control for our platform owners in their personal space.

The site foundation is robust and light compared to typical bloated systems and system requirements are reasonable. In addition, we have complete control over our dedicated servers, which means we can protect our platforms from any interference from Big Tech.

The site is also hosted on our servers, so we are constantly ensuring reliability and uptime of 99.9% over past 3 years.

Security of your data and regular backups are a primary focus for us and we take this very seriously.

Typically we see 3 types of clients who get the best out of our platform.



This is usually a solopreneur, coach, consultant or author wanting to get a footprint to start spreading their message and find some viable income sources. The main focus here is to promote your services, launch a book and/or podcast. You want to also create a membership or mastermind offer.


You have been around for a while but really stuck on your growth phase with multiple platforms running and a confusing combination of websites and offers.  You need to re-set and re-fresh your overall plan. You then want to create a seamless way to expand and grow at the same time build as much automation as possible to save time and money. You are looking to create recurring income through memberships, coaching or consulting programs.

Super Charged

You have all the characteristics of "growth level" but have a much more complex business that needs a full review and re-launch. You have a lot of content, courses and a large email address.  You like the idea of bringing all your existing contacts under a free and paid community. 


Our services and development are based on a Points System for our clients and business partners.


In your tasks area, you have balance statement and you can also view and top up points immediately.

We then allocate points to each staff member based on their skill level. This allows you to determine the workload.

If you go below 10 points balance we send you an alert email. If your balance goes to zero or negative we will also email you.

All points are accumulated so if we don't use them in a given month they will be available for use at any time in the future  (they never expire).

Who are you working with?

When you join our family you get access to many talented people!


Business Coach

The first person you speak to about your requirements is our Business Coach who will guide you to the best solution for you. They will have ideas about how the platform will work best for you and where to start.


Success Coach

Once you join us you are assigned to a "Success Coach" who will have various calls and communications with you to ensure the solution that the Business Coach recommended is implemented.


Project Manager

Our Project Manager is internally responsible to make sure everything gets done the way you want and iron out any glitches that happen along the way. Sometimes our Success Coach will also be your Project Manager if you choose the Super Charged level.


This is where the "magic" happens, our designers role is to implement your mockups and ideas.


Expert Support

Our technical team is there to help when you run into issues or questions about the platform typically once we go live for ongoing assistance in the use on a day to day basis.



Behind the scenes our team of programmers are keeping the system operating and improving.  Sometimes they will develop your ideas or requests




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  Startup Growth Super Charged
Price US$5,500 US$9,500 US$15,500
Points 80 160 250
Typical Brief
  • 10 Pages
  • Launch Podcast & Blog
  • Subscriber Setup
  • Setup 1 Course
  • Setup Basic Membership
  • Support Tickets
  • 20 Pages
  • Launch Podcast & Blog
  • Setup Podcast Guest System
  • Subscriber Setup
  • Setup e-Com
  • Setup up to 3 Course
  • Setup Advanced Membership
  • Basic Survey
  • Basic CRM
  • Knowledge Base
  • Setup Support Tickets
  • Setup Project Mge
  • Migration from existing systems
  • Up to 40 Pages
  • Launch Podcast & Blog
  • Subscriber Setup
  • Setup e-Com
  • Setup up to 5 Course
  • Setup Advanced Membership
  • Advanced Survey
  • Advanced CRM
  • Knowledge Base
  • Setup Support Tickets
  • Setup Project Mge
  • Setup Podcast Guest System
  • Advanced Shipping
  • Migration from existing systems
Success Coach 4 x 1 Hour Calls 8  x 1 Hour Calls 12 x 1 Hour Calls
Design 25 Points 50 Points 100 Points
Expert Support Yes Yes Yes
Project Manager 10 Points 20 Points 40 Points
Platform Cost

See Here
6 Months Free then $195pm

See Here
6 Months Free then $195pm
See Here
6 Months Free then $495pm