My Zone

This core our platform and designed to give your community users a central place to access their account, downloads, products, course, survey and orders. No more messing around with special links or attaching files to emails.

My Zone

Here's What My Zone is About!

Why "My Zone"

As a customer, our main frustration with online marketers is their love of "tech stacks" and the confusion it creates!  We see it all the time where the customer is pushed between various systems to get to the eventual "membership site" with most of the details lost along the way. But "My Zone" is the solution to this problem for our platform owners.  When a prospect or customer creates a login with you, typically when they buy something or complete a survey the are automatically also given their own personal My Zone.  As their journey continues any relevant information or access is added so they have only one place to go.

  • My Tasks (for individual tasks and project management)
  • Account Information 
  • Orders
  • Affiliate Program (yes they can be automatically approved as an affiliate)
  • My Downloads (includes the original thank you page and all the links to courses and downloads)
  • Personal Area (you can add videos and files for their exclusive access eg. a coaching call)
  • My Subscriptions (manage their podcast and blog subscription to alerts)
  • My Responses (see all the surveys they have done and even re-do them)
  • My Courses (any courses they have been enrolled in)
  • My Books (they can add Amazon books to their area and this also adds it to your Bookstore)
  • Show Profile (they can see and edit what others see about them in the community
  • Notifications (any system alerts they have been sent)
  • Memberships (Coming Soon)
  • Rewards (Coming Soon)
  • Messages (they can chat with other community members)
  • Support Tickets (manage any issues or projects with your team)
  • Knowledge Base (so they can "help themselves" or access information/FAQs

Personal Area

This powerful feature is worth mentioning!  You can add a video or file in the User Area for an individual user. In addition, you can leave them a personal message or add notes for them. You can also gift them access to courses or products. Any changes immediately reflects in their my downloads area in My Zone and is only seen by them. This is an excellent way to give your students access to a coaching call for example.

My Zone - Accounts & Orders

Your customers get access to all their account information such as their email address as well as all the orders they have ever placed with you. They can drill down and download an invoice or click through for any downloads that were included.

My Zone - My Downloads

This is a dedicated area for your customers to get access to any digital products you have given them as well as showing the original thank you page for reference. Their personal area files and messages are also here.

My Zone - Courses

Your customers who have enrolled in your course/s can see what courses they have access to and can click into the lessons.

My Zone - Customer Service

Good Customer service is key to any online business and we allow your customers to create support tickets and access the Knowledge Base for any assistance they may need.

My Zone - Affiliate Area

As part of our automation, all your users are automatically allocated an affiliate code. This means they can share your content and simply add their link on the end of the URL. We let them know here if these links generate any sales. 

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