Zapier Integration

Our Zapier Integration is another great way to sync your user data in or out of the Platform. Tag your new users to add to your favourite CRM or eMail Marketing Solution.

 Zapier Integration

Here's How Our Zapier Integration Works!

Connect Your Account To Zapier

Zapier is an online software solution connecting many systems together by way of syncs. We are an approved partner with Zapier and have produced several "zaps", with more on the way. To get started, simply click on our settings area and follow the prompts to set up your account with

Tags and "Zaps"

The best way to ensure your data is synced is to use our Tag System.  Every time a user completes a transaction such as an order, survey or becomes a new user you can tag them. Zapier can then be told to look for these tags and sync the necessary information to another application. 

Zap New User Records

One of the best uses of the Zapier system is, whenever a new user is added to your Platform, their information can be immediately "zapped" to your CRM and Email Marketing system. 

Coming Soon

Several new zaps are also being developed:

  • Zap Orders
  • Zap Subscribers

What Are You Waiting For?