Affiliate Programs

Launching your own Affiliate Program is a powerful strategic way to leverage your relationships for growth. Our Affiliate Module will help you track the sales your affiliates generate by driving traffic to your Platform to purchase the products and services from you. It's seamlessly integrated with our e-commerce module, which means you can be live in a matter of minutes.

 Affiliate Programs

How Does It Work?

Affiliate Plans

The Admin has the ability to set commission rates for affiliate groups (e.g. Affiliate Group A receives 10% commission for all products and Affiliate Group B receives 20% commission for all products), and set different values for specific e-commerce product categories. For example, 20% for ebooks, but only 15% for Workbooks. Admins also have the ability to set when affiliates are paid (weekly or monthly).

This means that, while Affiliate Group A receives 10% commission for all products, you have the ability to control a specific product category's commission rate (like an ebook). Admins also have the ability to set a specific commission rate for an individual product. For those that need it, this level of granular control over commission rates is powerful and simple to use.

E-Commerce Categories

E-Commerce categories benefit users by allowing them to find products more easily and benefit admins by allowing them to set a commission percentage for an entire class of products. In an Affiliate Plan, the only value an admin needs to set is the overall commission rate, which means that an affiliate part of this Affiliate Plan will receive the same rate, no matter what products they sell.

Admins can utilize E-Commerce Categories to set a specific commission rate for a class of products. For example, while the plan's overall value might be 10%, an admin wants to provide more incentive for affiliates to promote ebooks, so they set the commission rate for the ebooks category to 15%.

Affiliate Reports

The platform owner will be able to see:

  •  How much commission they are making per sale per area (e.g. 10% per sale, 15% per ebook sale)
  •  How long they have been an affiliate for (e.g. “Affiliate Since January 3rd, 2020“)
  •  Affiliate sales per period
  •  Payments due report & Commission History
  •  Affiliate Leaderboard
  •  Affiliate Sales per product

Affiliate Dashboard

The Affiliate will be able to see:

  •  Conversion rates – This will allow the affiliate to see how well they’re converting traffic into customers; if the number is low, they may need to change their strategy or try to sell a different product/service. If the number is high, they can be confident that their current strategy is working.
  •  Total sales that they have generated by directing traffic to the Evolvepreneur platform – This allows the affiliate to evaluate their performance.
  •  Total revenue earned from commission – The report shows the overall amount of commission paid to the affiliate.
  •  Average amount of money made per sale – This report shows the average amount of affiliate sales by period of time.
  •  Total clicks on their affiliate link
  •  Payment history – The amount of money they were paid in previous months
  •  Commissions due – This allows the affiliate to see how much money is coming to them in the near future.
  •  Commission they are making per sale per area (e.g. 10% per sale, 15% per ebook sale) – This gives the affiliate an easy way to decide what areas to focus on and what level of commission they should expect.
  •  Affiliate leaderboard – This motivates affiliate by allowing them to see their performance relative to other affiliates.

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