Marketing Module

The Marketing Module is an expanding area designed to help you grow your business quickly and easily.

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Marketing Module

Market Your Way To Success With Our Marketing Module


Core to any marketing system is the ability to send emails to your customers and prospects. This area allows you to create and edit template emails which are generated automatically including:

  • notifications
  • new personal message
  • new orders
  • welcome new user
  • password reset
  • ticket creation and updates
  • subscriber welcome
  • subscriber alerts
  • points warning (low, zero, negative)


This area allows you to create multiple subscriber systems for podcasts and blogs. You can setup all the automation and parameters here. You can also edit and view all your subscribers individually.

Call To Action Buttons

Call-to-Action buttons are an innovative way to ensure you get the most out of your marketing and traffic to your platform. Add the same button in multiple places like Surveys, Thank You Pages, Subscribers and Knowledge Base.

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What is measured get's improved! Our analytics dashboard is a powerful tool to track your visitors and their behaviour.

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We are constantly evolving this area of our system, we have recently added Opportunities with new modules coming soon.

Scheduled Emails

We are constantly evolving this area of our system with new features in this area coming soon.

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