Website Manager Module

The Website Manager is one of the most vital and important modules of the system that integrates everything else.

Website Manager Module

Here's What The Website Manager Can Do!

Sites and Domains

One of the biggest features of our platform is the ability to have multiple sites and manage each site's individual pages with their own design and themes. However they all end up in your backend community regardless of where they start.

  • Title
  • Disable user login and signup
  • Meta Description
  • Custom JavaScript
  • Custom CSS
  • Tracking codes (Stats and Facebook Pixel ID)
  • Favicon
  • Logos
  • Default Social Media Share Image
  • Footers
  • Custom Error Pages (404,403,500) with Call to Action Buttons!

Create Pages

Our page editor is designed to be highly flexible to allow you to control each page which forms part of our overall template.

  • Public or Private Page
  • Template
  • Share Image
  • Hide Footer / Header (great for standalone funnel pages)
  • Custom JavaScript
  • Custom CSS
  • Raw Headers
  • Redirect to URL
  • Redirect Type (SEO 301/302, Java Script Countdown)

Page Editor

Our page editor is based on the concept of elements and we have several pre-built ones that speeds your website launch.

  • Drag and Drop Elements
  • Choose 1-4 Columns
  • Coming Soon Timer
  • Top Area (2 Columns)
  • Fast Checkout Form (hugely powerful way to select ecommerce products and upsells)
  • Pricing Table (display certain products with features)
  • Full Width / No Margins
  • Column Titles and Image
  • Background Color
  • Background Video
  • Background images for Tablets and Phones
  • Parallax


You need the ability to control the navigation of your sites, your way!

  • Menu per site
  • Public or Backend Community
  • Exclude or Include same menu across multiple sites
  • Drag and drop menu
  • Menu Appearance including custom or provided icons


We have developed a really cool way to slide multiple clickable images in your front end blogs or podcasts as well as your back end community

  • Image per banner
  • URL clickable link
  • Speed of Change between images
  • Random Order Option

Community Options

Once a website visitor buys or signs up as a user they can gain access to your back end community. We have several features you can choose:

  • Login Page (Default) or Full Screen Wallpaper
  • Signup Button Text
  • Signup Form
  • Ask for Last Name, Business Name, Website
  • After Signup Redirect Page
  • Sidebar Banners
  • Footer Menu
  • Google Maps API Key

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