Convert Vimeo's .vtt Closed Captions to a Human-Readable Transcript

Vimeo automatically transcribes your video and creates closed captions for it. You can download the subtitles as a .vtt file, but this isn't useful if you need a human-readable transcript.

Subtitle files are designed to pack as many words onto one or two lines as possible, which often means splitting paragraphs in two, which makes it hard to read.

This page converts Vimeo's .vtt subtitle files to a readable transcript file.

How To Obtain The .vtt File

  1. Click on your video in Vimeo.
  2. Click the "CC" icon on the right.
  3. Click on the Captions tab.
  4. Click the Download icon to download the .vtt file.

How To Use This Page

  1. Click "Upload Your .vtt Subtitle File" and select the subtitle file you downloaded from Vimeo.
  2. Click Convert to Transcript.

The converted transcript will be generated and copied to your clipboard.

Converted Transcript