Create or transfer your own podcast to your Evolvepreneur platform and handle every aspect of it in one place.

No messy hosting issues or complex setup. Granular control when you need it.

Podcasting Module

No Other Podcast Platform Lets You Do This!

Build your own Show Page in minutes

Your show page is a central page to send all your traffic and keep your listeners informed and up-to-date. Our easy Podcast Settings page lets you customise your show page and set your show up for distribution.

Easily manage and promote your Podcast Guests

Seamlessly manage your guests using a single logical system without complicated forms and processes.

Grow subscribers with offers and alerts

Grow your email list and alert your subscribers when new episodes release. Use our special Call-to-Action buttons to serve upsells and free offers.

Get Started

This is everything you can do in our Podcasting Module:

  •  Create, Edit and Schedule Podcasts
  •  Upload a Feature Image For Your Podcast
  •  Multiple Podcast Shows (1 per domain)
  •  Podcast Show Page
  •  Create Seasons For Your Podcast
  •  Add a Video to Your Podcast Show Page
  •  Upload a Video Version of Your Podcast For an Episode
  •  Enable, Disable and Moderate Comments For a Podcast Episode
  •  Create Share Buttons
  •  Add Categories to Your Podcast Episodes to Improve Discovery
  •  Enable/Disable Podcast Shows and Episodes
  •  Create and Manage Your Own RSS Feed
  •  Link an Audio File With Your Own File Hosting Service or Upload the File to the Platform
  •  See Statistics
  •  Create a Podcast Guest Application, with Approval and Interview Process
  •  Call to Action Buttons
  •  Create and Active Alert Emails That Are Sent Out When a New Episode Releases
  •  Track the Number of Plays For Each Episode

Take Back Control of Your Podcasting With Evolvepreneur.app!

Quickly Create and Schedule a New Podcast Episode

Our Podcast Module allows you to quickly create an episode and build your content around it. 

  • Upload a Featured Image For Your Episode
  • Call to Action Buttons
  • Episode Type (Full,Trailer or Bonus)
  • Optionally Seasons and Episodes
  • Video Option
  • Comments
  • Multiple Categories
  • Play Statistics

Support For Multiple Podcast Shows (1 Per Domain)

Depending on your membership level you can have multiple Podcast Channels running and choose which episodes are available on each. This is a powerful way to segment your audience when you have different types of listeners.

Build a List of Subscribers You Can Actually Communicate With

You can create a subscription for your podcast and grow your audience via email. You can even offer a free bonus after they subscribe.

  • Double or Single Opt-in
  • Choose what information you want eg. Phone
  • Custom Welcome Email
  • Call to Action Buttons
  • Custom Notification Emails
  • Optionally create a user account for each subscriber 
  • Tag and Group Subscribers 

Automatically Alert Subscribers When a New Episode is Released

This is one of the most powerful features of the system!  As soon as your podcast episode is live each subscriber will receive an alert email directing them to your latest episode. A fantastic way to drive downloads and audience engagement on auto-pilot.

See Statistics For Your Show

Our platform tracks the downloads of your episodes locally and we also recommend plugging in a podcast chart solution for global statistics.

Onboard Guests in a Simple, Systematic Way

Guests are great!  What is not so great is managing the guest process.  Our platform allows you to create a guest application to gather all the necessary details for your interview. Then optionally have an approval process. Our Guest system is constantly being improved to provide a seamless automated process.

Own Your RSS Feed!

One of the most important aspects of Podcasting is owning your own Feed.  This means that you own the domain name which is used to distribute your podcast on platforms such as Apple and Spotify. That way you're not tied to one podcast host and can easily move around without affecting your statistics or download count.

Your Own Show Page

Your show page is a central page to send all your traffic and keep your listeners informed and up-to-date. Our easy Podcast Settings page lets you customise your show page and set your show up for distribution.

Want to Access Our Fully-Featured Podcasting Module?