Subscriber Module

Just imagine being able to easily and quickly create your own email marketing system by simply creating content the way you usually do. With our Subscriber Module you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Subscription Module

Here's What The Subscriber Module Can Do!

Podcast or Blog Subscriber

The best way to build your followers is by engaging them in your content. The concept is that you automatically generate a "subscription" button on your Blog or Podcast Show Page which allows for visitors to signup for your mailing list.

The first step is to create a "Subscriber List" for your Blog posts and/or Podcast episodes. Simply choose if you want to verify by double opt-in or immediately on subscription. Choose your welcome and notification email template and you're live. Optionally you can tag new subscribers as well add a "Call to Action Button" for the next step after they subscribe. For example, offer a special bonus they can download or access after they click the button.

Auto Emails / Alerts

Once the subscriber signs up and if you have "double-opt-in" enabled verified their email address they will receive an automatic welcome email and whenever you publish new content will also receive a notification email leading them back to your original post or episode. This strategy alone can generate a lot more traffic to your website as well free you from reliance on social media. You could also use the RSS feed from our Podcast or Blog Show page and use your chosen social media scheduling application to auto post to your social media platforms. 

Subscriber Management

Each subscriber (optionally) can also be created as a user in your platform giving them access to your community area.  If they wish to unsubscribe they can easily do this via the My Zone area. They can also click on any of your emails to remove themselves from the list. If they have a user account they can also re-subscribe easily from My Zone.

Auto Subscribe

Our module also allows you to "auto-subscribe" your users when they purchase a product or service from you or a free one. This means for example you could sell or have a free membership which includes alerts for any new blogs or podcasts. In the future, we will also create a subscription for new products, courses and other content you create.

"Zap It"

Our subscriber module allows you to "tag" users when they join which means you can use Zapier to transfer that tag to your CRM or Email Marketing system to send other campaign-style emails.

"Group It"

Our subscriber module allows you to place new subscribers in "Groups" which allows you to control the content and rights they have in your community area. For example, they could have exclusive access to certain knowledge base articles that the general public cannot see.

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