Our E-Learning system isn't just about course creation! We have a deeply-integrated task and goal based system to ensure your success.

One of the major features of the platform is the ability to create courses for your members. They can be either free or paid courses.



One of the major features of the platform is the ability to create courses for your members. They can be either free or paid courses.

  • Free or Paid Courses
  • Text, Audio and Video Lessons
  • Interactive Questions and Quizzes
  • Progress Tracking
  • Goals and Tasks assigned to lessons
  • ​Success Path System
  • ​Comments
  • Transcripts and Resources Tabs

A Complete Course System

Course Creation

Our course creation is designed to give you flexibility and speed to get that next course completed and ready for sale.

  • Public or Private Course
  • Hide Attendees?
  • Instructor (links to their Platform profile)
  • Connect to a free or paid product
  • Custom Start Button Text
  • Manage enrollments (and see what lesson they are on)

Flexible Lessons and Modules

After many years of using courses for all sorts of purposes, we have carefully designed the lesson and module area to handle all sorts of possibilities:

  • Create Modules and lessons
  • Easily move lessons between modules or within a module
  • Enable or Disable Lessons
  • Add Video or Image
  • Add Surveys
  • Add Call to Action Buttons
  • Tasks
  • Transcription
  • Resources where you can include file downloads
  • Comments


Success Journeys

This feature is still being improved. We see this as a way to visually connect a student to the overall course and reward them with achievements as they complete the lessons and modules.

  • Create a stage or step
  • Add image per step
  • Visual Pathway

Surveys and Courses

How many courses have you done where you'll be given a bunch of workbooks to download and complete offline? We also wonder how many people actually fill them out! There is a better way. You can create surveys and link them to your lessons, which means your workbook becomes seamlessly integrated inside your lesson and a course instructor can see their progress, which makes it a great tool for coaching,

One of the major features of surveys is the ability to auto create tickets or emails based on their answers. You can even auto-generate an order (free or paid) based on their answers. Limitless potential!

Projects and Tasks

Don't think your e-learning is just a course. It could easily be a workflow of steps for a customer project. You can create lessons for each step and then add tasks or entire projects to be auto-created or assigned. The concept could be that a customer buys a product in E-Commerce and the Thank You page leads them to your course, which has also automatically (based on a template) created tasks or projects to complete the service they purchased.

Podcast Guest or Affiliate Programs

To show the flexibility of our e-elearning module, you can even create courses for podcast guests or affiliates to give them access to resources when they join. Podcast guests can complete the necessary information for their interview, which we have seen cut our preparation time by over 75%.

More than a Course!

As you can see, this module is a platform in itself. It can be the most powerful way to deliver content, workflow projects, or even train staff. We believe this module is the single biggest area you should focus on the day you start with us!

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