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$50k-$100k+/Year Position
...6 Figure Annual Income Possible! 

If you're the "REAL DEAL" when it comes to understanding online coaching and also closing sales, then this is the dream job for you…

We’re looking to hire a rockstar salesperson to come into our business as a “Podcast Close” Setter. 
INDUSTRY-LEADING COMMISSIONS, NO LIMITS, NO HOLDS, and HOT LEADS AVAILABLE TO BOOK IN FOR SALES DAILY...this is a virtual sales position that will allow you to create your own life!
Interested? Then, keep reading…

You as the Rockstar Podcast Close Setter will be part of and use our Podcast Closing formula that we teach inside of our program. You will be recording simple podcast interviews with prospects to set sales calls for the sales team. You’ll be in charge of charismatically hosting the podcast, converting podcast interviews into booked sales calls for the sales team & following up with guests. 

Here’s why this is the greatest opportunity for a setter like you right NOW:

  • We have constant inbound opportunities landing in our inbox with good quality prospects who are ready to be interviewed and NEED our help.
  • Unlike traditional “appointment setting” roles, you’ll be building up your own authority and credibility as the host of our podcast, instead of being hidden behind the scenes or having to pretend to be your influencer in the DM’s.  
  • You don’t need to do any outbound cold prospecting in order to generate these opportunities (you’ll be managing the prospects raising their hands in our communities and connecting with us directly).
  • You do not have to do any direct selling or closing on the phone or in zoom
  • You simply show up on the podcast interview, host the show and speak to potential clients, warm them up to the idea of a sales call using our proven and repeatable system and then book them in the calendar, and then get paid very well for doing so!
  • We take care of all of the appointment reminders, email confirmations, client setups, the closing… and everything else. (You just have to book the calls)
  • We have an industry-leading commission rate because we want to make sure that YOU share in our company’s success just as much as we do.
  • We’re able to pay such large commissions because of the streamlined systems that we have in place (if we didn’t have such robust systems, we certainly couldn’t pay such large commissions).

 Sounds good? Keep reading..
You will be a go-to Podcast Host & top producer of appointments, and our main man/woman on the team.
You will be trained in the exact process of the Podcast Closing formula that we teach inside of our $10,000 program.
This is not a job selling someone's new-fangled program online. You will be working with a legitimate coaching business that is already producing amazing results for their clients.
You'll be trained 1:1 extensively to interview & convert prospects into booked calls, and be given access to a team of support.
This isn't for the faint-hearted, wannabe closer, or amateur salesperson though. You just won't last long coming up against some smart business owners.
Don't apply if you don't consider yourself the absolute best at what you do. You have to be a person of integrity. You need to have grit. You need to know when to be subtle and when to be a pit bull. And you need to learn that "NO" is just the word you have to hear repeatedly before you get the "YES".
You will need to be sharp, assertive, professional, hungry & committed.
Here's what you need:

  • At least 6 hours a day 5 days a week to focus on this position. It is virtual; so you can work at home in your underwear. But you’ll be on video for the podcast interviews, so we prefer you have yourself put a little bit more together 
  • You will need to be rock-solid at following up with prospects, great attention to detail is crucial.
  • You will need a solid internet connection that is fast and reliable.
  • A reliable computer or laptop that's kept up to date.
  • You will need to be able to use Zoom (for interviews & team meetings).
  • You will need to have a good quality microphone (Such as the ATR2100X) 
  •  You will need to be on time, never miss a call with a prospect, always be available to respond to messages quickly and be RELIABLE.
  •  Ideally, you will have a good understanding and knowledge of the online coaching and marketing space and know-how of internet marketing works. Lead Gen, Client acquisition etc.

Here's some other sweet stuff:

  • We want to pay you as MUCH as possible because we know that the more you make, the more we make too.
  • You’ll never find us capping your payments or lowering your payments. In fact, our team will usually do the opposite by increasing your commission payments via incentives and bonuses whenever we can.
  • Our lead flow is heavy and consistent, and we need a professional to start ASAP.
  • Over time, we’ll begin to run more traffic to the podcast you host, giving you increased visibility and authority. 

 How much you make is 100% down to YOU!

To apply for this position please complete your full application here and include the word “ilovesales” as the first sentence in your application. 
Wait. We will be in contact by no later than 3-5 days to let you know if you've progressed to an interview process.


Please send them to 

We will answer everything on a first come first serve basis. But to make it easy...

Yes, this is a 100% commission based position.

No, you will not be an employee. You will be a legal contractor and will be expected to sign non-compete agreements and NDA's upon an offer being extended.

Yes, we really do have more leads than we can handle right now. And yes, we fully expect you to make at minimum $50,000 and realistically 6 figures easily this year selling our services.

We have the training, systems, and team behind you to support you 100%.

Any resumes submitted after that deadline will be ignored, shunned, and discarded.
What does our hiring process look like?

Well, if we think you may be a good fit from your application and resume then we will invite you to schedule an interview with us the week after the job posting expiration date.
We have a three-round interview process with multiple members of the team to see if we will be a good fit for one another. If we think you're a good fit we'll extend you an offer, send paperwork, and schedule your start date ASAP. You'll also be provided with extensive training.
This is NOT a long-drawn-out process. And we will let you know at each stage of the interview process whether you have progressed or not.
We understand that there may be more qualified applicants than we can take on this month. However, please be aware we will continue to be hiring for this position as our team grows. So please don't hesitate to APPLY TODAY 

About the team and what we do: offers an easy and cost-effective way to build your online business by helping you avoid the pain and stress of implementing multiple systems, giving you the freedom to automate and scale.

We have spent thousands of dollars and many fruitless hours in search of the best all-in-one platform that had most of the features we wanted. But as far as we could tell, that system simply doesn’t exist. 

We set out on a journey to develop our unique platform, completely based on the needs of entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, authors, podcasters, publishers, and mastermind groups.


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Our mission is to start a revolution that will help entrepreneurs establish their own complete business system that can compete with the big end of town and mainstream social media platforms

We are committed to providing a healthy, nurturing and dynamic work environment for our employees and building a world-class platform to help our clients grow.


We are focused on delivering the best solutions for Coaches, Consultants, Authors, Podcasters, Publishers and Mastermind Groups.

Trust, honesty, and integrity are our highest values. We respect each other and our partners and clients.


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