New Survey Module V2


The new survey module can be used for general surveys as well as questions inside course lessons.

The new menu item is located under "Survey and Forms".

Key features include:

  1. Private or Public Survey
  2. Capture details before or after summary (or not at all)
  3. Text or Image Survey
  4. Group Questions in individual tabs
  5. Multiple Question types eg. text, pulldown, checkboxes, radio buttons
  6. Optionally "Show Survey Summary" at end of Survey
  7. Survey Completed you can auto Add to Group 
  8. Survey Completed you can auto Tag User
  9. Survey Completed you can Auto-Create Support Ticket/s
  10. Survey responses can be viewed and exported in single or bulk for TXT or CSV file.
  11. You can also add a survey question to a lesson in the eLearning Module which is very powerful.
  12. New Tabs to help navigate a new survey setup
  13. Video or Image can be added to Survey Description, Pre sign up and Groups
  14. Can score each answer to come up with a calculated outcome
  15. New outcomes can redirect to a URL, internal page or e-commerce product
  16. New outcomes can be based on answer score
  17. New outcomes where you can instantly redirect based on an answer at any point
  18. You can tag an answer in order to automate a process.  eg. Do you want a call if Yes then Tag "Call Me"
  19. New Calculator - Use a formula to alter resulting score for calculators, where $score is gained score so far. 
  20. Survey prefix where you can show text before question, eg, useful if you wanted to only get the last text of their social media
  21. Auto Email based on survey responses or when they complete
  22. Ability to split text on outcome page so you can have some text beside the video/image and force remainder to be below video or image.


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