When will my podcast interview episode be published?



Thanks again for being a Guest on our show, we really appreciated the time you took to do this.

To keep track of your podcast episode details, save the URL https://evolvepreneur.app/guest-hub where you will be able to see your current episode status.

After recording, your episode typically takes 1-2 months to go live. You can check your episode's scheduled date about a week after recording at https://evolvepreneur.app/podcast/soon. We will also send you email notifications when your episode is scheduled and when it goes live.

Step 1: Bookmark the Guest Hub URL

To keep track of your podcast episode details, bookmark this URL: https://evolvepreneur.app/guest-hub. This page will serve as your primary resource for all podcast-related information.

Step 2: Understand the Scheduling Timeline

Please note that, on average, your episode takes about 1-2 months to go live after recording. This timeline allows us to ensure the highest quality production for your episode.

Step 3: Check Your Scheduled Date

About a week after your recording session, you can check the scheduled date of your episode by visiting the following URL: https://evolvepreneur.app/podcast/soon. This page will provide you with the most up-to-date scheduling information.

Step 4: Await Email Notifications

We will keep you informed throughout the process. Expect to receive an email notification when your episode is scheduled and another when it goes live.

These emails will provide all the necessary details and links to your episode.

Following these steps lets you stay informed about your podcast episode's progress from recording to live broadcast.

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