Will my podcast interview be on ITunes and Spotify?



When you participate in a podcast interview with us, your episode will be published on various platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, Google, Amazon Music, and Stitcher. You can find your podcast and episodes on our show page at https://evolvepreneur.app/podcast/afterhours. Additionally, the platforms on which your podcast is available will be listed on the side of each episode.

Detailed Instructions:

To ensure your podcast interview is published on popular platforms like iTunes and Spotify, follow these steps:

  1. Participate in a podcast interview with us: Once your interview is recorded and edited, we will take care of the publishing process for you.

  2. Check the show page: Visit our show page at https://evolvepreneur.app/podcast/afterhours. This page serves as a hub for our podcast, where you can find all the episodes and related information.

  3. Browse available platforms: On the show page, you will see a section listing the platforms where our podcast is available. Look for icons or links representing iTunes, Spotify, Google, Amazon Music, Stitcher, and any other platforms we utilize.

  4. Visit the desired platform: Click on the icon or link of your preferred platform, such as iTunes or Spotify. This will take you directly to our podcast on that platform.

  5. Explore the podcast on the chosen platform: Once you are on the desired platform, you can browse through our podcast episodes, subscribe, and listen to your own episode as well as other episodes of interest.

  6. Find your episode: Look for your specific episode on the platform you chose. Depending on the platform's layout, you may be able to search for the episode by title, episode number, or guest name.

  7. Episode details and information: Alongside each episode, you will find relevant details such as the episode title, description, release date, and any additional information we provide.

  8. Listen and share: Start listening to your episode and enjoy the content! If you wish, you can also share the episode with your audience, friends, or social media followers by using the sharing options available on the platform.

Remember that while we strive to publish your podcast interview on various platforms, the availability may be subject to platform-specific requirements and review processes. Your episode will be accessible on major platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Google, Amazon Music, and Stitcher.


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