Campaigns Module

Our email module is the heart of the system and will have the ability to send emails, SMS and notifications relating the various modules including ecommerce and elearning.

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Campaigns Module

Here's What You Can Do With Our Campaigns Module!

Core Features

Main Components:

  1. SMTP setup (we will use SendGrid but users could use their own SMTP server).
  2. Triggers / Tags / Events
  3. Email Editor
  4. Statistics
  5. Broadcasting
  6. Campaigns
  7. Log File
  8. Unsubscription Management
  9. User Tabs

Workflow Triggers / Tags

We will have an event trigger system that tells the platform when to send the emails or notifications

  • user record when tagged

  • automatically based on system emails eg. lost password, new order, shipping order

  • on-demand by selecting a group of users or tags

  • send email in user record and selecting email to send

Email Editor

  • Ability to create emails in editing and templates.

  • Also, show system emails which can be edited

  • Merge fields from the database

  • unsubscribe option which tags user "Unsubscribed" and prevents future emails.

  • Choose from pages/books/blogs/podcasts/products/lessons to embed a link into the email


We will track certain statistics:

  • Emails Sent

  • Emails Opened

  • % opened

  • Emails Clicked

  • % clicked

  • Unsubscribed


We will show the current status of any emails being sent. As well allows for test email to be sent to the selected user.

  • Ability to cancel a broadcast


This is beyond sending one email and allows for:

  • Ability to tag a user record at a specific time eg. 1 day after starting

  • Schedule sequence of emails based on a schedule. eg. 1 hour, 1 day, 7 days from previous action/email

  • user can unsubscribe from a specific campaign

  • if a user takes an action in the system eg clicks on a link that is part of the platform we can trigger an event. so for example, if they clicked off an email about buying a book and went to the book page but didn't buy.

Log File

We will keep track of emails sent against the user account, what email type etc in a log file. To be able to resend or view/report.

  1. Unsubscription Management

We have a dedicated area to show users that have unsubscribed (admin, ability to re-subscribe.

User Tabs

Administrators will be able to see what emails were sent to the user, what campaigns they have been sent. If they opened or clicked on emails.

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