Clubs & Forums Module

The Clubs & Forums Module is designed to allow users to interact with each other and the people running the platform. They can ask questions, or make conversation.

Clubs are designed for users to find relevant information and for the owners of the platform to organise events and activities. Forums are designed for conversation between members.

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Clubs & Forums Module

Here's What You Can Do With Our Clubs & Forums Module!

Features in Development

This area of our community is currently under development, but these are the features we are planning:

  • Create a Club or Forum
  • Link a Forum to a Club
  • Public or Private
  • Paid or Free
  • Moderators
  • Add Videos, Images, and Call to Action buttons

Clubs are designed as a more static environment with information for members and includes events and activities.

Forums are a more traditional, subject-based communication area, limited to forum members only.

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