Coaching and Consulting

This is not a module, this is a core principle. Throughout the platform, we have integrated special functionalities that enable you to expand your coaching or consulting business and automate many of the manual tasks.

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Coaching and Consulting

Here's What The Coaching and Consulting Module Can Do!

Easy Billing and Onboarding

The most important first step to gaining a new client is actually getting paid. We make it easy via our e-Commerce system to create various service-based products and allow your customers to purchase these in their local currency (depending on the currencies you set of course). At the same time, you can set up your "Post Purchase" which can be various automated processes that typically done manually.

Project Management

One of the most challenging aspects of coaching or consulting is managing client expectations and delivering on your promises. Coupled with our Project Management Module, you can create tasks and even track your time or workers time to deliver your services.

Courses & Surveys

One of the most powerful ways to over-deliver to your clients is by providing them with an easy on-demand "blueprint". If you create a course a little like a Project you can have a step by step process for them to follow. Add surveys into the lessons and they can give you immediate feedback and set the pre-work for your calls with them. Include videos and resources and your client is off and running as soon as they finish the checkout!

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base module has 2 key functions. You can allow your members to access various articles which could be simple help or even extending your knowledge. The second way is to create a private "Staff Only" procedures and systems area.

  •  Create/Edit Articles
  •  Knowledge Base Categories
  •  Featured Articles
  •  Restrict Category access by Group
  •  Approval Process
  •  Enable/Disable Articles
  •  Article Icon
  •  Videos and Images
  •  Link a product or custom link

Support Tickets

This is a great way to manage a client when you have a lot of details to share between you and them. Also you can have separate tickets for each aspect of your project or link them to the Project Management Module. The client simply can respond via email to any request and we will automatically import it.


As part of our CRM module you can track your future opportunities and track the success of your marketing.

Affiliate or Referrers

Most likely you get a lot of your new clients from referral and you should leverage these as much as possible.  Each of your clients are automatically assigned an unique code they can use to promote or refer you and this means when you get a new client they will be assigned as the referrer.  If you want to reward them with commission we make that easy to track as well!

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