Contractors & Outsourcers Module

Our contractors and Outsourcers Module is under constant improvement. We have integrated this module into our E-Commerce, Knowledge Base, Customer Tickets, and Project Management modules.

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Contractors & Outsourcers Module

Here's What You Can Do With Our Contractors & Outsourcers Module!

Core Features

We have several levels of "users" .  Workers can be contractors or employees. 

Our current features include:

  • Worker has an hourly rate, Currency and payment details
  • Billing Points System
  • Worker can log timesheets against tasks and track lodgment and payment
  • Support Ticket Departments to isolated workers and applicable points

Features in Development

Under development is further concepts:

  • Create your own "gig" community
  • Create an white label outsource system with payments and escrow
  • Manage suppliers of your products and stock control

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