Events Module

Imagine being able to run events or meetings easily and completely seamlessly inside your platform!

Events Module

Here's What The Events Module Can Do!


Our Event Module is currently in development, but we are looking for opportunities for new platform owners.

The Event module is designed to replace Webinar and Meeting Software and seamlessly merge all the requirements you would ever have!

  • Event Page (Paid or Free, Recurring or Evergreen)
  • Customise Workflow Pages
  • Reminder Emails
  • Auto Live Replay Switch

Pages Workflow

We want to give you complete control over the way your events work, but at same time, generate the applicable landing pages quickly and automatically:

  • Event Main Page (choose if they pay or not) 
  • Registration Thank You Page with next options (guess what? They just joined your back end community)
  • RSVP Page (great way to make sure they show up!)
  • Live Page (the link they will be sent which can automatically play when they visit)
  • Replay Page (as soon as the event is over, you can switch them to alternative video or replay)

e-Commerce Integrated

Not only would your e-commerce product would be linked to the registration page (paid or free), you could also upsell or add products on your live or replay pages. If a viewer decides to buy within a couple of clicks, they will receive access to your product.

Survey Integrated

Surveys are a great way to get viewer feedback, which you include on any of your workflow pages.

Built-in Video Meetings or Events

If you decide to use our Video Meeting Module, you can simply click and connect instantly. No other external costs!

Zoom / Vimeo

One of the biggest challenges with Zoom is that you need the Webinar Module, which can be a costly extra. But getting the zoom link to attendees can be problematic. We allow you to key your Zoom link into the event in advance and emails will be sent to have your viewers access your live page. At the same time, upload a temporary video using Vimeo and replace it with your live recording, and it will automatically show on your replay page.

Email Sequences

Getting people to show up is always challenging, so sending confirmation and reminder emails is vital. It gets worse when you are running recurring meetings. The Event Module will automatically send emails on the schedules set by you. You could even create an "evergreen" event, which is basically a totally automated, simulated live event.

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