Agreements, Proposals & Applications Module

This Module is designed to allow you to draft agreements, proposals, and applications inside your platform and track when an applicant or prospect signs it.

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Agreements, Proposals & Applications Module

Here's What You Can Do With This Module!

Core Features

The Agreements & Applications Module is under development and will allow Platform Administrators to create new agreements and/or applications that they can then require users to sign for the delivery of various services. For example, an administrator may require that someone purchasing a certain product or service sign an agreement before they can purchase it.

Platform Administrators must also have the ability to view agreement activity (i.e. users viewing and signing agreements), and the ability to view a copy of the agreements each user has signed.

  • Application - survey form is completed with questions and has an “application” category
  • Agreement - where an online document is signed
  • Proposal - where details of a quoted project are given and can be signed (similar to an agreement)

Features in Development

The functionality will include:

  • Type: Agreement, Proposal, Application
  • Status: Draft, Ready, Sent, Viewed, Signed, Rejected, Withdrawn, Lost
  • Categories
  • Product/s and QTY (editable price table)
  • Decision (Outcomes) Agree/Decline
  • Auto Orders
  • Auto Tickets
  • Auto Emails
  • Emails when admins approve or decline
  • Emails to send out a proposal or agreement
  • Sub Pages for proposal
  • CTA Button
  • FrontPage like pre-survey
  • Tags
  • Assigned User (Admin/Salesperson)
  • Assigned Manager
  • Assignee: (Owner) person involved in the decision
  • Digital Signature?
  • A PDF copy of the agreement/document

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