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Speed To Proficiency in Organizations: A Research Report on Model, Practices and Strategies to Shorten Time To Proficiency

by Raman K. Attri


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This ground-breaking research report enables you to get unprecedented benefits in your business and in getting a competitive edge as a manager, practitioner or consultant. This research report brings you practical information on S2Pro© Speed to Proficiency Model in a practitioner’s language without academic jargons. The report contains highly relevant and practice-oriented findings, enriched with implementation recommendations for practitioners to reduce time to proficiency of your employees drastically and save dollars. Time-to-proficiency is becoming one of the most important business metrics for fast-paced technological organizations. Most of the organizations in the fast-paced business realize that the faster employees learn the skills required to do the job up to set performance standards, the faster they can handle new customer needs, meet new market needs, perform to new expectations, and deliver new technologies or adopt new changes. The speed of skill obsolescence with the pace of increasing complexity drive great necessity for organizations to figure out the methods and strategies to accelerate time-to-proficiency of their employees. Developed through five years of extensive practice-based doctorate research in Australia, this report provides organizations and practitioners with a credible and detailed framework to implement Speed To Proficiency Model.