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Speed Matters: Why Best in Class Business Leaders Prioritize Workforce Time to Proficiency Metrics

by Dr Raman K Attri

ASIN: B091N76K2X

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In today’s fast-paced world, with a high degree of skill obsolesce, massive technological innovations, and rapid changes, it is important that global leaders develop the performance of their employees to be at par with the speed of businesses. This book aims to make “speed” as the priority to stay ahead in the competition. This book is a one-stop portal for futuristic leaders and managers to learn about the importance of shortening the time to proficiency of their workforce. This book is a distilled wisdom derived from an extensive research on 66 start-to-end project success stories spanning 28 industries, contributed by 85 best-in-class business leaders from 7 countries. This book is the first and the only one until now that has revealed some alarming figures on the time to proficiency metrics, which, you, as a futuristic leader, cannot afford to ignore. You will gain in-depth insights as to why and how the best-in-class global business leaders prioritize and institute time to proficiency metrics in their business dashboards. You will adopt data-based evidence to present compelling business cases to implement those metrics in your organization. In particular, this book will enable you to find the answers to some crucial questions: -How can you go about being a “speed-savvy” visionary leader?-Why should you focus on developing employee proficiency?-Why should the speed of employee development matter to you as a leader?-How are global organizations using the new time to proficiency metrics?-How alarming is the time to proficiency of workforce in your industry?-What drives the best-in-class leaders to prioritize time to proficiency metrics in their dashboards?-What tangible business gains can organizations derive from a shorter time to proficiency?