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Pale Face

by W.D. Kilpack III


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Special Recognition: L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future Contest

An outcast loner survives the impossible. How can he survive becoming the proof that no one can deny?

Hector Whitehorse did not belong — not here, not anywhere.

Born on a New Mexico reservation, but educated in the white-man’s school, Hector was part of two worlds, but at home in neither. It only got worse when his entrapment went from a feeling to a reality: trapped between Earth and someplace else.

Hector’s close encounter nearly cost him his life. The repercussions could make him wish that he had not been so lucky.

Pale Face is "pretty darned good. I like it. I love how [Hector] sees the aliens and the white men in the same light. A nice, brutal, ironic twist ... this is good stuff." — Dave Wolverton
Pale Face is "absolutely fascinating! The book gives whole new meaning to the phrase 'pale face.' Pale Face is, in part, sci-fi. But I found it to be so much more. It's a deep diving character study of Hector that borders on Navajo mysticism. Kilpack's writing style was mesmerizing in the depth to which he presented Hector." — Jeff Bailey, author of Not On My Watch
Pale Face is "a clever story! Well written ... juicy lines such as – 'he turned his attention upward toward the stars. It was cool, the breeze barely rustling the sparse grass, but still managing to carry along the aromatic scent of sage.' Loved the settings, well crafted characters, nicely plotted. Leaned on the metaphysical to add intrigue. A lot of research went into this story. Enjoyed the originality!" — Vine Voice,
Pale Face is "a fast-paced combo of sci-fi, intrigue, mysticism, conspiracy thriller, and inevitable romance. The author's writing is addictive and richly layered. Highly recommended!" — Jack King, author of Beyond Blood