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Compassionate Prosperity: When Success is Not Enough (Social Mission Revolution)

by Andrea Putting


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Have you ever felt like giving up?

Even though your business has gone from success to success, you can feel that something is missing. Have you discovered that success is not enough?

That something is compassion. It is so simple that you will ask, “Why did no one tell me this?”

Compassionate Prosperity is your guidebook to discovering the highest purpose of your business so that you can become an authentic influence with a legacy worth living.

In Compassionate Prosperity, Andrea Putting uncovers how compassion projects in business turn success into fulfilment and satisfaction for you and your business. As compassion grows, prosperity follows, in your team, community and business. Success takes on a new meaning and a higher purpose as you develop a legacy as an authentic influence.

Stories from Andrea’s podcast Social Mission Revolution will inspire you and show you how easily your business can join the revolution of compassion in business.

A quick read for a long-lasting legacy

Money makes the world go around.....or does it?
Business leaders and entrepreneurs are often driven by money however it's those that are driven by something greater than themselves, doing or giving something that can assist others, that's when success takes on a different meaning.
Andrea lives and breathes a selfless devotion to helping others in all walks of life from around the world. Her insight into human behaviour and her giving of time to those who seek her compassion and guidance has helped many people on their journey of discovery and prosperity.
Knowledge gained serves only one, knowledge shared serves thousands. Andrea continues her search for knowledge through her podcast whilst sharing with many others who tune in.
Compassionate prosperity can be achieved by everyone, especially with the guidance from this book and listening to Andrea’s podcast.
Warren Tate – Professional Speaker, Best-selling Author, Executive Communication and Presentation Coach.

“Philanthro-Capitalism: taking the best of philanthropy (love), jettisoning the worst (charity), and combining it with the best of capitalism (free enterprise) and getting rid of the worst (greed). This is exactly what you’ll find in Andrea Putting’s new book Compassionate Prosperity. This book will allow you to dovetail your professional highest calling with your spiritual highest calling.”
– Frank McKinney 7x Bestselling Author, including Aspire! How to Create Your Own Reality and Alter Your DNA.

Compassionate Prosperity is for Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs ready for a new purpose beyond success. Get your copy now and grow a legacy of compassion.