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How to Plan Your Doctorate Journey Smartly : A Complete Guide For Working Professionals To Get Started With A PhD Program

by Dr Raman K Attri


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Taking up a doctorate sets you apart from the rest. If you are at a turning-point stage in your corporate or management career, where you are actively thinking of attaining the highest level of educational degree to create that extra edge in your career, then this book is for you. In this book, Dr. Raman K Attri shares his personal experience through his 2 doctorates. Dr. Raman will guide you through how to plan for this daunting path effortlessly. This book will provide you with key strategies to address behind-the-scenes challenges and complete your doctorate with reasonably less efforts. Through several reflective questions embedded in the book, you will be able to assess if taking up a doctorate path is the right decision for you. In this book, you will be able to identify the skills, competencies, and expertise required to undertake successful doctorate research, leverage your current and previous practice-based experience and translate that into doctorate research.