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Rilari: Book Four of New Blood (New Blood Saga 4)

by W.D. Kilpack III


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The future of Mankind relies on the Guardian of Maarihk. Can he and the Knights of Ril resist forces bent on destroying Mankind's last hope?

In the absence of the Guardian of Maarihk, the Usurper’s venom has extended beyond the Gulf of Braag, seeding unrest and hatred for all things. Maarihkish. Natharr and the Knights of Ril must overcome malice and the ramifications of Ellis the Elder’s boundless past that even Sight cannot reveal. The Rilari stand alone in a world in turmoil as they discover the tremendous reach of the Usurper’s vizier. Even the endowments of the Daemons of Order are unable to withstand the ravages of fighting to survive on Rilari loyalties.

Meanwhile, Nathan and his summoned companion must rely on the teachings of both Natharr and Quiet One to carve out their place in the Maarihk Empire. Skill with a sword is only the beginning of their treacherous path, as fraught with peril as Darshelle’s as she flees the animus of the ancient wood.