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Last seen: 24 Dec 2021

Product Evolution

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I’m on a mission to help people bring truly great products to market. Like most of the great things in life, I fell into product development almost by accident. I worked in sales and marketing for the first part of my career. I learned to get good at listening to people and what they really needed. The problem was, that wasn’t always the product I was selling. Then, I got the chance to create my own product. It seemed so simple. I spoke to so many of my clients, I already knew exactly what they needed, so I just made that. And guess what, it worked! In fact, it worked really well. It worked so well that it set me down a new trajectory because I had found where my passion intersected with my natural talents. And that’s where Product EVO was born. I've found that for my companies, it is really difficult to bring a truly new and original product to market. Harvard Business Review reports that 95% of new products fail. Far too often, we see the uncertainty of WHAT to do combine with the reality that it is HARD to bring a new product to market kill good ideas before they even get off the ground. I have found that this is even more true of growth-stage companies that are looking to bring their second or third product to market to build on their current momentum. Now, these founders and product teams have to deal with the complexity of running an existing business and taking care of existing products while trying to uncover and develop the next big thing. At Product EVO, we use our experience and proven processes to help our clients reduce the complexity of bringing new products to market and manufacturing overseas. We’re passionate about helping people who want to live bigger, draw outside the lines, and add massive value to the world through their unique talents and creativity. We provide clarity, proven processes, and a team of experts to overcome challenges and help these movers and shakers produce high-quality products that really mak

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