Cloudflare DNS Servers changes Needed


We use cloudflare to provide the best protection for all our platform users and allows us to filter spam traffic.

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Your first step is to login to your account (or create a free one)

  1. Then add the domain using ADD SITE at top of menu bar
  2. Key in your domain name and follow the steps to change your DNS settings, cloudflare will import all existing DNS records.
  3. Once the domain is verified (make sure any email etc continue to work)
  4. Add or change the A record as per screenshot below. It will depend on which location you want the server to be. We currently have a USA and AU Server,
  5. Make sure the Proxy is turned OFF and "Proxy Status" says "DNS only"
  6. Once these changes are made update the support ticket advising your step has been done and the domain name/s that have been changed
  • (Australia)
  • (USA, UK, CA)




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