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My very special guest today is Kyle Newell ...

As far as businesses, Kyle has 2 private gyms, a private Senior home, an author of 4 books and does 1-1 Elite Mindset Coaching with his personal brand. Here are some more details about what he has going on... He is a 41-year old father of 3, and a wife. He has BIG goals this year, to show what the human body can further do, including running his first full marathon, running a sub 6 minute mile and maintaining 7 percent body fat throughout this coming summer. In March, he will be climbing one of the most dangerous mountains in the world for the 3rd time, just to challenge himself. He believes everything comes down to the mind and the power of the mind. There’s only one way to see what’s possible and that’s to push yourself to the furthest places that you can go. According to Kyke, there is so much more, but he hopes this gives you a glimpse as to what he is all about and what he stands for. He has a love for life and a love for people and mental and physical fitness are his vehicles for delivering that passion. He may or may not change the world, but he will certainly transform your world given the chance! Let him know if you’d like to chat further about a possible interview.


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