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My very special guest today is Sally Gimon ...

Sally Marie Gimon Bio Sally was motivated to become a real estate investor when her mom became sick in October 2018. Sally was 53 and needed to make a change in her life quickly. She has been an insurance agent for 20 years and has used her experience to make positive changes. Now she shares her information weekly in her real estate group and Win, Win Women TV. In July 2020 she bought a Bank Owned Property for $20,000 that would go to auction for $50,000 when Covid restrictions lifted. She knew her Capital Gains would be $7,140 and researched how the rich paid so little in taxes. This led her to find the Business and Beneficial Spendthrift Trusts. Currently Capital Gains are 23.8% on any profit. There is passed legislation to raise this to 40% for some tax levels. The IRS is hiring 87,000 new agents. The Spendthrift Trust defers Capital Gains into infinity and beyond, keeps people judgment proof, and their information private.

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