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My very special guest today is Richard Wray ...

Richard Wray is an experienced media technology professional who specializes in explaining the potential of new technology and its profitability.

In this episode, he discusses the responsible use of augmented reality (AR) technology to enhance human capabilities without eliminating jobs. For example, AR glasses and finger scanners can assist warehouse pickers by reducing errors by 30%, while maintaining safety and freeing up both hands.

Additionally, AR can be utilized in museums to animate exhibits and in the medical field to facilitate remote patient care. The key principle emphasized is the need to augment current employees and resources rather than replacing them, in order to effectively integrate old and new technologies.

Key Moments:

  • Augmented reality technology can augment human capabilities by helping pickers in warehouses reduce error rates by up to 30% and improve efficiency. This helps keep jobs and improve the bottom line.
  • Using simple technologies like AR glasses and finger scanners, workers can have both hands free and be safer while working. This reduces workplace incidents.
  • AR can streamline processes by cutting down time, errors and customer complaints, similar to Lean Six Sigma principles.
  • AR can touch on all aspects of a business, not just speed up processes, by improving safety, customer service and employee satisfaction.
  • AR can be applied anywhere, not just new warehouses, by augmenting existing assets and infrastructure.
  • AR can provide instructional guidance to workers in remote locations to help them perform tasks properly through connecting to experts.
  • The biggest challenge with AR is getting people to see beyond games and understand its practical uses for industries.
  • AR technology does not have to replace existing employees but can augment them by bringing the old and new together.
  • Companies should respect their past and not throw it away, instead finding a middle ground between the old and new using technology in a smart way.
  • Fear of new technology can paralyze companies, but moving too fast without a plan can also be detrimental. Finding the "sweet spot" requires courage and a balanced approach.


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