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My very special guest today is Robyn McKay ...

Robyn McKay, a psychology PhD holder, launched her coaching business a decade ago, experiencing early success but burning out due to overcommitment. She learned to manage her workload and trauma with mentorship. She now mentors young entrepreneurs, prioritizing meaning over money. Her clients seek help with existential questions and trauma. McKay offers a leadership quiz on her website to prevent burnout and promote self-understanding.

Key Moments:

  • Robyn McKay launched her international coaching business 10 years ago from a small apartment in Paris, and made her first six figures in the first 6 months. However, she soon burned out from overcommitting and a lack of self-care.
  • Burnout crept up on Robyn gradually as small lifestyle issues like lack of sleep, poor diet and excess alcohol accumulated over time. Her energy and creativity declined, affecting her business.
  • Realizing she couldn't sustain the same pace alone, Robyn made lifestyle changes like returning home to ground herself, and prayed to meet her future husband for support.
  • A year later, Robyn sought a new mentor to help her business, and found Jennifer Longmore who has made a big impact through advice, insights and energy work over many years.
  • Short breaks and vacations are not enough to recover from burnout - deeper healing work is needed on the soul, business, finances and mindset.
  • Self-awareness of red flags is key to interrupting the burnout pattern early. Hard stops can be avoided with more awareness of energy levels.
  • Asking "If not this, then what?" can create a safe landing place during low periods instead of clinging to the same unsustainable path.
  • Mentoring younger entrepreneurs brings Robyn joy and purpose now, as competition is no longer as motivating as meaning and growth.
  • Existential questions of purpose have become more important to Robyn and her clients in recent years.
  • Robyn encourages self-reflection through her leadership quiz to better understand one's energy and set sustainable paces.


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