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My very special guest today is Stephanie Chan ...

Stephanie Chan, a former lawyer, launched two senior care businesses: Home to Home and MyCarebase Solutions. Initially, building a reputation was tough, but referral marketing and partnerships have helped. She faces the challenge of growing MyCarebase with a limited budget. Her goal is thriving businesses within a year. Stephanie also shared tips for the "sandwich generation" managing aging parents. The podcast delved into her senior care journey and entrepreneurial awareness-building strategies.

Key Moments:

  • Stephanie Chan owns two businesses helping seniors - Home to Home provides care planning and navigation services, while MyCarebase Solutions helps families find and manage caregivers to allow aging parents to live at home.
  • Stephanie originally practiced law for 9 years before quitting to pursue her dream of being an entrepreneur, discovering senior living services through a contact in the industry.
  • Building customer acquisition and marketing the businesses was much harder than expected initially due to assumptions that customers would naturally come if the service was available.
  • Momentum builds over time as happy customers refer others, but the first few years of a business can be very tough.
  • Stephanie started a second business after seeing gaps in how home care needs of seniors who want to stay home were being served.
  • The businesses are connected as senior needs constantly change along the aging continuum depending on health, living situation, and other variables.
  • As an entrepreneur also dealing with aging parents, Stephanie recommends having early casual conversations and setting boundaries to avoid caregiver burnout.
  • Marketing on a shoestring budget is a challenge to compete with larger competitors in the saturated home care market.
  • Referral marketing, industry partnerships, speaking at events, and webinars are tactics Stephanie leverages for customer acquisition.
  • Stephanie defines future success as both businesses thriving with easier customer acquisition and making a positive impact on the home care industry model.

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