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My very special guest today is Kasey Anton ...

Kasey Anton, a former restaurateur turned bookkeeper and small business consultant, found her passion in helping entrepreneurs succeed. She emphasizes the importance of alone time for recharging and taught high school students the value of connecting with customers through a snack shack. In her book, Profit First for Restaurants, she advises restaurants to base expenses on average days for profitability.

Collecting customer information and celebrating special occasions fosters loyalty and revenue. Kasey's experience and unique perspective make her a perfect fit for the Evolvepreneur podcast, where she aims to inspire others on their entrepreneurial journey.

Key Moments:

  • Alone time and self-care is important for entrepreneurs to recharge and be productive, not a luxury. It's a necessity to avoid running on fumes.
  • Building a restaurant business model based on peak nights like Saturday is a mistake. Focus on the average and break even point to ensure profitability.
  • Collecting customer information like birthdays and anniversaries through comment cards allows restaurants to build loyalty through personalized offers and greetings.
  • Hospitality and customer service are skills that today's youth may lack due to less exposure through jobs. They can be taught these skills.
  • Profit is important for a business's survival, not just greed. It allows businesses to reinvest, buy equipment, and service debt.
  • Building and nurturing a community through connecting with customers, remembering details, and personalizing experiences creates loyalty.
  • Simple gestures like remembering customers' names and birthdays can create strong bonds of loyalty.
  • Offers and promotions targeted at specific customer groups based on collected information can drive significant sales.
  • Teaching teenagers skills like hospitality and customer service can positively impact their future endeavors.
  • The book Profit First for Restaurants aims to teach restaurant owners how to transform their business into a cash-making machine through a focus on profitability.


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