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I am your Special Host Mechelle McDonald

Join me today where we dig deep with our guests and get you the best concepts and strategies to fast-track your business.

My very special guest today is Tamara Pflug ...

Tamara, a fun and confidence coach, discusses simple ways to coach yourself to grow your business. She emphasizes paying attention to your thoughts and tapping into your intuition to move forward. Accepting where you are now and focusing on serving your customers from a place of abundance can help you release anxiety and worry. Understanding that your current state is enough can bring relief and freedom to grow your business beyond. Learning to have fun and love yourself along the way can make all the difference in your entrepreneurial journey.

Key Moments:

  • Focus on serving your customers and bringing them value, rather than focusing on yourself. Put the customer's needs first.
  • Trust your intuition and first ideas. Your first guess is often your best answer.
  • Accept negative emotions and doubts as part of the growth process. Don't try to fight them, but put them in the "backseat" while you keep driving forward.
  • Pay attention to your thoughts and question negative thoughts that hold you back. Observe them without believing them.
  • Set goals from a place of abundance, not lack. Focus on how you can serve from that place.
  • Be present and accept where you are now in your business. You are enough as you are.
  • Have fun and enjoy the journey, not just the end goal.
  • Learn from every experience and ask yourself what you can do differently next time.
  • Connect with your customers authentically and share your humanity.
  • Build your confidence by taking small consistent actions, not waiting until you feel "ready".


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