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My very special guest today is Braeden (Jett) Rhys (Black) ...

Jet Black shares his journey of self-discovery and embracing his true identity as a gay man and drag queen. Growing up as a youth minister, he struggled to accept himself for many years until he decided to leave that life behind and fully embrace his sexuality. This pivotal decision led to many opportunities, including performing on Australia's Got Talent. Jet stresses the importance of taking risks, being true to yourself, and surrounding yourself with people who support you. He now runs a marketing agency that helps businesses in the adult industry, allowing him to combine his passions and lived experiences to help others achieve their goals.

Key Moments:

  • It's important to take leaps of faith in yourself and step outside your comfort zone. Though scary, it can lead to more opportunities and help you live your best life.
  • Having a supportive family and community who accept you for who you are makes a big difference.
  • Putting yourself out there, whether on a big stage or in your career, and taking risks can be rewarding experiences.
  • Understanding who you are and loving yourself is essential before you can love others.
  • Sometimes you have to lose people in your life who were holding you back in order to embrace who you truly are.
  • Standing out and being different, though scary, is important to succeed.
  • Having a plan and goals can help you navigate big changes in life and career.
  • Finding your tribe and community who support you can help you thrive personally and professionally.
  • Applying your passions, purpose and creativity to your career can lead to the most rewarding experiences.
  • Telling your story and communicating your "why" can help you stand out from others in your industry.

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