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My very special guest today is Baljit Rayat ..

The episode discusses how a person's sexual energy is connected to their business success and overall well-being. The guest, Bajit Rayat, explains that everything in life is energy and our vibration impacts how opportunities and money flow in our lives. She encourages journaling about any past sexual trauma to bring awareness and release blocks. Bajit believes that healing sexual energy connects one to their deep wisdom and truth, bringing a sense of freedom. She advises looking at relationships and business partners that drain your energy. Tips are provided for raising your frequency, like being mindful of who you spend time with. Baljit also notes that societal programming around sexuality can transfer into feelings of unworthiness in business if unaddressed. Overall, the podcast promotes a holistic view of sexual wellness and its benefits for entrepreneurship.

Key Moments:

  • Baljit Rayat discusses how one's sexual energy is connected to their business success and overall well-being. Unresolved sexual trauma or blocks can negatively impact opportunities.
  • Everything in the world is energy that vibrates at different frequencies - higher frequencies like love and joy vs lower ones like fear and anger. Our frequency affects our health, relationships and ability to allow abundance.
  • Examining who we spend time with and how we feel afterwards can reveal if we've taken on negative energy from others. Creating healthy boundaries helps maintain a high frequency.
  • Most people have unconscious programming around sexuality from society, culture, religion and family. Releasing these limiting beliefs through healing connects us to our core wisdom.
  • Journaling past memories, even subtle uncomfortable ones, provides insight into how unresolved sexual issues manifest in one's life and business.
  • Working with a professional therapist with trauma experience can help work through blocks one feels guided to address.
  • Feeling our emotions fully through the body is important for release and healing from past pain.
  • Connecting more deeply to our sexual energy leads to a profound sense of freedom and truth.
  • Our interactions and opportunities change positively as we take back our personal power.
  • Baljit encourages exploring meditation, energy work and her music to support raising one's vibration.

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