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Join me today where we dig deep with our guests and get you the best concepts and strategies to fast-track your business.

My very special guest today is Michelle Nedelec ...

Michelle Nedelec, an entrepreneurship expert, discusses doubling business profits while emphasizing individual success definitions and personal reinvention. She underscores the value of systems and automation for scaling without altering core structures, advocating for embracing new technologies. Strategies include process systematization, fractional C-level expertise, and delegating repetitive tasks to empower employees. Nurturing employee innovation and listening to their ideas are vital for streamlined operations. Netilek directs businesses to her website,, for additional growth tools and resources.

Key Moments:

  • Entrepreneurial success can be defined differently for each individual based on their talents and interests, not by societal expectations.
  • Scaling a business requires systematizing key processes so the company can run smoothly even when the founder is unavailable.
  • Digital marketing strategies must be tailored to each specific industry in order to be effective. Techniques that work for SaaS may not translate well to other sectors like food.
  • Staying relevant online is important for visibility, even for businesses relying on referrals. Not engaging digitally leaves an opening for competitors.
  • Being on video helps connect with audiences on a personal level and showcases authenticity over just text or images. With practice, anyone can develop their on-camera skills.
  • Data integration across business units and departments ensures a seamless customer experience and makes employees more efficient.
  • Early systemization prevents issues later on when rapid growth occurs and existing processes can't keep up.
  • Leverage fractional C-level experts to identify strategic priorities before committing to specific software solutions.
  • Focus automation on repetitive tasks to optimize employee productivity on creative and customer-facing work.
  • Listen to front-line staff ideas to spark process innovations that improve operations and the customer experience.

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