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My very special guest today is Monique Cunningham ...

In this episode, Monique Cunningham highlights the significance of email list engagement and cleaning for business owners. She stresses the importance of identifying genuinely engaged subscribers while removing inactive ones to ensure effective email delivery. Building and nurturing client relationships through consistent communication is a key strategy. Monique advises removing subscribers who don't open emails to prevent potential clients from being blocked. She underscores the importance of delivering valuable and relevant content to maintain subscriber engagement and suggests seeking feedback from the list to meet their needs. While social media is useful for promotion, Monique emphasizes that email remains vital for regular communication. Cleaning the email list creates room for growth and helps attract subscribers who genuinely value and act on the content.

Key Moments:

  • Monique Cunningham helps entrepreneurs engage their email lists and clean their lists of inactive subscribers. She offers list cleaning as a service for clients.
  • It's important for entrepreneurs to continuously engage with their email lists through nurturing sequences and by providing value to subscribers.
  • Entrepreneurs should view their email lists as communities that need attention and care.
  • Clean email lists without inactive subscribers allow messages to reach engaged potential customers.
  • Asking subscribers to reply to emails can boost deliverability and show the business values subscriber opinions.
  • Providing a welcome sequence sets expectations for the subscriber experience.
  • Unsubscribes don't necessarily mean failure - some subscribers just aren't a good fit for the offered content.
  • LinkedIn and social media are good ways to further engage with subscribers interested in learning more.
  • Nurturing sequences after an initial welcome keep subscribers engaged over time.
  • Sustained email engagement supports long-term business sustainability by retaining valuable subscribers.

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