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My very special guest today is Antony Curtis ...

Tony was born in 1973 and raised in Knowle-West, a suburb of Bristol in the UK. ​He's had many experiences in my life including the Royal Marines, Behaviour Specialist, Managing Director, Assistant Principal, photographer, Hypnotherapist and more. Each area he moves into is influenced by the ones that came before it. He has written non-fiction books based on research and work carried out in schools and has extensive experience with children and behaviour. He was a former Taekwondo Champion and coach of the British team and a gold and silver medallist for Team GB in the pentathlon series of Laser-Run. He has been featured in many books and publications and has also won The Prince's Trust Inspiring Leader's award for his work.

Key Moments:

  • Tony had a challenging childhood growing up in a tough area of Bristol. He dropped out of school and worked various jobs before joining the Royal Marines at age 16.
  • The military taught Tony mental strength and a mindset of pushing himself further than others. If he wanted something badly enough, nothing could stop him.
  • After the military, Tony discovered his purpose was in helping people. He fell into a career in education working with students with behavioral issues.
  • Tony researched techniques like NLP and hypnosis to develop language scripts that could control student behavior with just words. He was able to get students' attention within seconds using triggers and conditioning.
  • Tony started practicing Taekwondo after the military and became a champion despite starting later in life. He immersed himself in it and pushed himself to advance quickly.
  • Tony has authored both fiction and nonfiction books. Some are semi-autobiographical and reflect on his life experiences and lessons learned.
  • Tony wishes he had believed in himself earlier in life to start businesses and pursue his ideas. He realized in his 30s that he could achieve more than he thought.
  • Tony's next book will be released in July 2022 and deals with themes of governmental control in a dystopian world.
  • Tony has started his own publishing company so he has full control over his books and can help other authors publish their work.
  • Tony's drive now is focused on building his publishing company and helping good quality authors get their work out into the world.


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