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My very special guest today is Prashant Pandit ...

Prashant Pandit, with 22 years of corporate experience and a decade as an entrepreneur, has worked with renowned international brands and now leads Asia for Cornerstone Holdings. With a diverse background spanning insurance, fashion, and infrastructure, he values ethics and integrity, always opting for industry transformation rather than competition.

Prashant emphasizes the importance of mentors and building a strong team. Currently, he focuses on investing $200 billion in Asian infrastructure projects, advising entrepreneurs to prioritize patience and assembling the right team.

Key Moments:

  • Prashant emphasizes ethics and integrity in business. He never joined competitors to take information and instead entered new industries with fresh ideas.
  • Prashant has had a varied career spanning over two decades, working in major companies and now as an entrepreneur.
  • Prashant looks at crypto as a technology platform rather than just a currency, focusing on how the blockchain can enable benefits and efficiencies.
  • Prashant never took his team with him when moving to a new company, believing it is selfish to break the team that you built up.
  • Prashant had mentors who helped guide him and taught him the value of working hard and never taking medical leave.
  • Prashant now pays it forward by mentoring others and sharing his practical experiences.
  • Prashant is now focusing on investing $200 billion in infrastructure projects across Asia through Cornerstone Holdings.
  • Prashant advises new entrepreneurs to have patience, break big dreams into smaller steps, and build the right team.
  • LinkedIn is where people can follow Prashant's progress and the impact he makes through infrastructure investments in Asia.
  • Prashant emphasizes the importance of selecting and grooming talent within companies to help them grow and progress.


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