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My very special guest today is Vance Morris ...

Vance Morris is a former Disney employee who spent 10 years at the company before starting his own businesses. He wrote a book called "Systematic Magic" which outlines 7 keys to creating unique customer experiences. Vance advises people to follow their instincts and become entrepreneurs if they're unhappy in their jobs. He also emphasizes the importance of having a coach to guide and assist in achieving goals.

Vance is known for his expertise in XPerience Systems and Direct Response Marketing. He has worked with various companies and government agencies, including Legal Seafoods, NASA, and the Kennedy Center. After leaving corporate life, Vance opened his own business and began consulting and coaching other companies on how to provide exceptional service and utilize direct response marketing.

Key Moments:

  • Instilling discipline, confidence and a sense of ownership in kids from a young age through jobs like newspaper delivery routes can help develop entrepreneurial skills.
  • Gaining public speaking experience through platforms like Toastmasters can help entrepreneurs practice and refine their messaging and pitches.
  • Disney makes big mistakes at times, but what matters is how leadership responds and takes ownership, regardless of their position.
  • Specialization and focusing on providing experiences rather than commodities can help businesses differentiate and command higher prices.
  • Documenting systems and processes and continuously reviewing and improving them is important for business success.
  • Facing challenges and adversity with tenacity and determination can help entrepreneurs push through and succeed.
  • Systematizing processes through documented systems and automation can help businesses run with less hands-on involvement.
  • Focusing on creating memorable experiences for customers that generate emotions can help businesses command premium prices.
  • Having a coach or mentor from the start of an entrepreneurial journey can provide direction and help avoid wrong turns.
  • Acting on the feeling that a traditional job is not right for you and following your entrepreneurial instincts can help you make progress sooner.


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