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My very special guest today is Lynda Roth ...

Lynda helps mid-sized businesses stay competitive by implementing modern technology and digital transformation strategies. She specializes in upgrading outdated systems to ERP and CRM systems. About 50% of mid-sized businesses need assistance in updating their technology. Lynda played a vital role in enhancing a distribution company's business intelligence by implementing a new system across multiple locations. Failure to update technology puts companies at risk of losing business to regulators and competitors.

Lynda's success as a COBOL programmer was driven by her dedication to continuous learning and staying updated on new technologies. Her book provides valuable guidance for businesses going through digital transformation.

Key Moments:

  • Lynda helps mid-market businesses implement information technology solutions to compete in the 21st century. Many of these businesses still rely on spreadsheets and outdated systems.
  • ERP and CRM systems are important for businesses to manage operations and customers effectively, but many mid-market businesses are unaware of affordable options.
  • Lynda started her career as a COBOL programmer in the early days of business computing and started her own software company in the 1980s.
  • She noticed the shift from mainframes to microcomputers and left her company when they refused to adapt, which led to her consulting career.
  • Many businesses still have a manual, non-digital mindset that Linda helps them change through implementing new systems and processes.
  • Around 50% of mid-market businesses still need help updating their IT and systems to compete effectively.
  • Regulators are pushing businesses to modernize their IT to meet compliance requirements.
  • For Lynda, education and landing her first job in IT set her on the right career path early on.
  • Linda's book "Digital Transformation" provides guidance for businesses to survive and thrive in the new digital economy.
  • AI and automation can be valuable tools for businesses, though many are still hesitant to adopt them.


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