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My very special guest today is Nicholas Kemp ...

Nick Kemp is the author of a book on ikigai, a Japanese concept meaning a reason for living. He discusses how ikigai is misunderstood in the West and explores its true meaning of finding things that make life worth living. Kemp talks about dealing with imposter syndrome and how living in different countries gives perspective. An interesting case study is discussed of a woman who combined her careers in psychology and modeling to help others' body image. Kemp advises listening to your intuition over others' opinions when making important decisions. The takeaway message is that finding ikigai is not about being the best version of yourself but focusing on what you care about.

Key Moments:

  • Nick Kemp lived in Japan for 10 years and was greatly influenced by Japanese culture. He fell in love with the country and its people.
  • Hikigai is often misunderstood in the West as finding work you love, are good at, and can make money from. But it really means finding things in life that make life worth living, from small pleasures to major goals.
  • Imposter syndrome is common, but being vulnerable and admitting what you don't know can help overcome it. Focusing on values and serving others also helps.
  • Japanese culture doesn't emphasize "hustle" or being the "best version of yourself." The focus is on self-improvement through craft and serving others.
  • A psychologist combined her career with her passion for vintage modeling, creating workshops to help women's body image. She found a unique way to help people.
  • It's important to question unsolicited advice from those without knowledge of your situation. Follow your values and intuition over pressure.
  • Reflect on advice rather than reacting emotionally. Consider what you hope for and fear from the perspective.
  • Nick is working on a new book about "rolefulness" with a Japanese professor.
  • Living in multiple countries gives perspective and helps avoid judgment of others.
  • Small daily pleasures as well as major goals can give life meaning.

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