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My very special guest today is Pete Lord ...

Pete is a serial entrepreneur who started his career at a bank and has since founded multiple companies, including a successful finance app called MoneyBrilliant that was sold for over $9 million. He discusses his journey of successes and failures in starting various businesses focused on helping people improve their financial literacy and savings habits. Pete believes in failing fast with startups and notes the importance of meditation and stress management from his practice of Qigong in helping him persist through challenging periods. His networking from previous ventures has also opened doors to new opportunities.

Key Moments:

  • Pete is a serial entrepreneur who has founded 6 startups and sold one called MoneyBrilliant for over $9 million.
  • He started companies to help people better manage their finances, including tools for budgeting, savings, and digital coaching.
  • His ventures have focused on women users after finding they were underserved in personal finance.
  • Failure is part of the entrepreneurial process, and failing fast can help, but sometimes persevering through challenges is needed to find success.
  • Networking from previous ventures provided valuable connections for future opportunities.
  • Meditation and tai chi have helped Pete cope with stress and keep a calm, present mindset.
  • Automating financial tasks can help people be more disciplined with money management.
  • Saving with a group encourages more accountability than individual savings.
  • Happiness doesn't necessarily increase with higher income past a moderate level.
  • Australia could foster more entrepreneurship by rewarding risk-taking and failures that lead to growth.

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