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My very special guest today is Sam Laliberte ...

In this episode, entrepreneur Sam Laliberte discusses the digital nomad lifestyle. She shares how she built a six-figure freelance business while working remotely from various countries, emphasizing the freedom of location, schedule, and finances. Sam helps others achieve a similar lifestyle by starting with small, achievable goals and a positive mindset. She cautions against overplanning and letting fear hinder action. Sam advises filtering advice from others and trusting one's intuition. She finds joy in helping clients pursue their dreams, like traveling Australia for a year. Sam is excited about her podcast's latest season featuring fellow freedom seekers with unique lifestyle designs.

Key Moments:

  • Sam helps people design liberated lifestyles with freedom of location, schedule, and finances. She has built a 6-figure freelance business working remotely from many countries.
  • Sam grew up in an entrepreneurial family which inspired her creative approach to career and lifestyle.
  • The freedom lifestyle allows work to fit one's desired way of living rather than fitting life around work schedules.
  • Remote work and online business models have opened opportunities to live and work outside the traditional 9-5 office structure.
  • People have different motivations - some want to avoid something negative while others desire specific lifestyles they see.
  • Common mistakes include focusing on what can go wrong rather than right, and not taking action due to fears.
  • Outside opinions can discourage dreams, so one must be discerning about whose advice they take.
  • Trying different approaches multiple times is okay if still enjoying the process and vision.
  • Leveraging one's personal brand and serving ideal clients can help a business.
  • Automating processes and developing passive income streams allows reducing direct work hours.

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