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My very special guest today is Melissa Ahlquist ...

The episode discusses how to overcome imposter syndrome when building a business. Guest Melissa Ahlquist shares how she started her outdoor bean bag business and workshop programs. She experienced doubts in her abilities but gained confidence through her successes. Melissa recommends acknowledging accomplishments, focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses, connecting with other business owners, and challenging negative self-talk. She emphasizes the importance of believing in yourself and giving yourself permission to learn and grow. Melissa's advice is to stop playing small and not try to fit into boxes defined by others.

Key Moments:

  • Melissa struggled with imposter syndrome when starting her business, doubting her abilities and qualifications.
  • She recommends acknowledging your successes and strengths to combat imposter syndrome. Focus on what you're good at instead of weaknesses.
  • Connecting with other business owners through networking and mentorship can help overcome feelings of inadequacy.
  • Negative self-talk fuels imposter syndrome - it's important to challenge unhelpful thoughts and shift to a more positive mindset.
  • Visualization techniques can counter internal critic voices and boost confidence.
  • Naming and allowing yourself to feel emotions like rejection, instead of dismissing them, aids in processing feelings productively.
  • Side hustles take time to build up to the point of being self-sustaining businesses. Success doesn't happen overnight.
  • Charging appropriate rates, rather than undervaluing your work, is important for business and self-esteem.
  • Having an accountability partner like a coach or "biz bestie" provides motivation and reality checks against imposter feelings.
  • The advice is to stop playing small and not try to fit into boxes defined by others, but embrace your uniqueness.

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