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My very special guest today is Ken Jacobs ...

This episode discusses how to keep growing in times of uncertainty with Ken Jacobs, a leadership coach. Ken recommends finding work that aligns with what you're good at and passionate about by using a Venn diagram. He stresses the importance of passion for weathering challenges. The discussion covers how to have difficult conversations with toxic clients respectfully while prioritizing employee well-being. Ken also shares how reflecting on what you're great at can boost confidence during difficult periods. He provides tips for identifying an ideal client fit and avoiding coming across too needy for work. The episode concludes with Jacobs promoting his new ebook on leading through uncertainty available on his website.

Key Moments:

  • The guest, Ken Jacobs, helps senior executives in PR, communications, and marketing achieve their goals through effective leadership coaching.
  • Ken discussed finding one's passion and calling to find greater success and happiness. He realized coaching was his calling after enjoying training clients.
  • To keep growing in uncertain times, companies must take a hard look at what they offer and ensure there is market demand for high-value services people are willing to pay for.
  • It's important to honestly assess one's strengths and pursue opportunities that play to them, even if less lucrative initially, rather than doing work just for money's sake.
  • Passion is important for launching a business or weathering uncertainty, as difficult periods require extra effort one is more willing to give if passionate.
  • Agencies should avoid coming across too eager to please clients and instead establish they will serve as valued partners and counselors through excellent, respectful work.
  • Confronting toxic clients respectfully about how their treatment of staff affects performance can often improve the relationship for the better.
  • Letting go of a star performer due to a toxic client's behavior gives that client too much power and risks losing other talented staff.
  • People usually aren't aware their behavior is problematic and are open to changing if approached constructively about improving performance.

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